Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Drew!

So today was such a busy day and we didn't even get to sit down to do presents and cake until 8:30 this evening. But Drew had a great day anyways. He was able to bring donuts to preschool and even got to have soccer practice, which is one of his favorite things. He also got to pick where to go for his birthday dinner which was Carls Jr.
He asked us for a lemon cake with lemon frosting and lemonheads on it. He even had lemonade for dinner. Do you think it's safe to say he likes lemons?
He was excited to get his first bike and can't wait to take it outside in the morning. This was exactly the bike he wanted because it had rockets on it.
Happy 5th Birthday Andrew. We love you!!!

Her first trophy

Madilyn had another piano recital tonight. She loves to play the piano and has learned so much. I think we get more nervous for her than she does. We know that if she doesn't play her songs perfectly, that she will be disappointed in herself and that is hard to watch no matter how encouraging we are. She did a great job though and we are always so proud of her. Madilyn has been particularly looking forward to this recital because she earned her first trophy ever for completing a series of books. She is now asleep with the trophy by her side. So sweet!!

This is her piano teacher Chris Richter. He is such a wonderful teacher!! Doesn't Madilyn look tiny next to him!!
On a totally different subject, Madilyn was fitted today for an fm system for her hearing aides. When she goes back on track, her teacher will wear a microphone all day long that will transmit the teachers voice directly into her hearing aide through radio frequency. It will be so much easier for Madilyn at school as she will hear her teachers voice above all other sounds. I love technology!!

Drew's suprise party

Grandma Sparks threw Drew a surprise birthday party while we were in California. She went all out by doing games for all the cousins to play and gave each kid tickets to put in their pockets and then redeem for a fun prize later. We had Drew's favorite foods, hot dogs and chips and just had a really great time with cousins and family. He even had a Spiderman pinata and a cool soccer cake and to top off the night, he got a new shiny and fast scooter. I still need to get pictures from my sister in law but here are a few that were on my camera.
Ethan helped himself to some icing before the party started. He's such a sneak. He wasn't even wearing any of the evidence. Thanks again Grandma, it was fun to celebrate Drew's birthday with family! You rock!!

Making faces!!!

While Grandma was getting ready for Drew's party, Chris and I took Madilyn and Drew up to Oak Glen. Drew wasn't really all that interested at being in Oak Glen so we actually spent very little time there. You can't go to Oak Glen though and not get a caramel apple so of course we had to get one of those. Well then we just got creative in taking up time. How about making faces at the camera!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Newport Beach!!

We had a great time at the beach when we took the kids on Tuesday and so we decided to go back again on Thursday. Madilyn's top priority was finding shells. She was so determined to find a whole sand dollar and on the last day, we found a whole one for her. She was thrilled!!

Ethan loved playing in the sand and having freedom to play around. He did a few face plants in the sand and he didn't even care.
Drew is our beach guy and fit right in with the beach scene. He loved the water and pushed Chris to go further and further. We were lucky to see dolphins out in the ocean jumping out of the water and having a good time. We were able to get out pretty far in the water because of a sand bar that had built up. Literally not more than 50 yards away, we watched dolphins surfing in the waves. I lived in Cali for 25 years and never had seen them that close before.
All you beach goers...what's the one thing you don't want to do? Feed the seagulls! Do not feed the seagulls! Ethan on the other hand thought it was fun to have the seagulls and pigeons around and fed them cookie the second day. The first day we were out in the water and a bird took off with some cookies and another took off with a diaper. Before you get too grossed out, it was a clean one. It was kinda gross to have so many dirty birds around but at the same time it was funny. Ethan enjoyed it.

We also went to Balboa pier and had lunch at Ruby's. As Madilyn puts it "some Mexican guy" caught a starfish while we were watching from inside. It was the biggest starfish I've ever seen, not that I've seen many. Just another fun beach experience.

I wish I could be a California girl...again

This was probably the first trip back to California where I really felt like I was missing my home. When we first moved here to Utah, sorry to those who have always lived here, but I hated it. I went home every chance I got. Those visits got to be fewer and farther in between and I got used to Utah. I would even go as far as to say that I liked living here. But after visiting this last time....I miss California, which I still consider to be home. Could a move be in the future for us? Eventually, I would like to move back, but the time is not now. Hopefully sooner than later! Madilyn and I were talking and she was excited I wanted to move back. She also threw in that she knew we'd be moving back to California because mom always gets what she wants. I just had to laugh!!!

The Wedding

So I don't have many pictures of the wedding but thought I'd make a post of a few of them now and then some more when I get more pictures. I believe girls started getting ready around 10:30 and the wedding didn't start until 6 and even then it felt rushed towards the end. It was a busy day. Madilyn was the flower girl and loved every second of it. She was all ready to go and then decided she was hungry. Room service to the rescue. Not exactly a gourmet meal for her first room service...more like a hot dog and french fries but it hit the spot, wasn't messy, and kept her content until dinner.
Madilyn looked so precious and ate up the fact that people kept telling her how beautiful and sweet she was.
Michelle was a beautiful bride and remained pretty calm throughout the day. We really like Brad and know that they will be so happy together.
I'll post more pictures on another post. There are stories to tell.:)